About the Irving Symphony Orchestra

Mission Statement

To provide artistically satisfying musical and educational programs for the people of Irving and the surrounding region; creating a climate in which the Irving Symphony Orchestra will flourish in a fiscally sound manner.

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The Irving Symphony Orchestra (ISO) began as most community orchestras have, with a small group of musicians who formed the Irving String Ensemble from at that time, the University of Dallas. In 1961, the ISO Association was formed, and the first official concert was presented at Irving High School on December 10, 1962, with 23 volunteer musicians.

By 1963 the orchestra became a significant music group in Irving. The first Irving Symphony benefit Ball was held in 1967 and was an annual major event for several years. The ISO performed in England with the Wimbledon Symphony Orchestra as part of a cultural exchange with Irving’s Sister City, Merton--a section of London. In 1988 the orchestra moved from being a community orchestra to a full-fledged professional symphony association, with all paid musicians with degrees from top music schools and conservatories.

Maestro Hector Guzman became the Music Director/Conductor of the ISO in 1991 further elevating the Symphony’s status among regional symphonic organizations. Currently, under his music direction, the ISO has seven (7) performances including six (6) concerts in its subscription season, and one (1) multi-media free youth concert with a mini-clinic for students of the Irving Independent School District and other young educational institutions. The ISO also provides other free community concerts and educational events for local families, corporations, senior residences, and medical facilities in Irving and other surrounding communities.

The Irving Symphony League was organized in 1970 to provide support services to the ISO. The League organized and fostered the Symphony Belles which later evolved into the Ovation Program for volunteer service to the Orchestra by community members and high school students assisting with hosting duties and ticket handling at performances. The League also sponsors a scholarship award for seniors in high school who are planning to continue their post-high school graduation education in a musical field of study.

Inclusion Statement

We, Irving Symphony Orchestra (ISO), believe that diverse, equitable, and inclusive practices create, sustain, and build strong organizations. We endeavor to model inclusion and equity in all areas of our organization including programming, employment, and audience engagement. By so doing, we will increase the diversity of our orchestra, and by treasuring the experiences and ideas of each person, we deepen our collective creative perspectives.

​The ISO does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression or identity, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

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