Healing Notes Arts in Healthcare

The Irving Symphony Orchestra partners with Texas Health Resources

The Healing Notes program from the Irving Symphony Orchestra (ISO) provides musical enjoyment and stimuli as an interactive experience with its audiences.

​Watching performers and listening to favorite show tunes and musical genres' from the decades of yesteryear to present day, audiences interact by interpretive body movements, the playing of instruments, and sing-alongs.

​This fosters enjoyment away from physical challenges such as cancer treatments, chronic pain, battles of depression and isolation, and it releases anxiety into joyful relaxation.

We have established relationships with medical facilities, treatment centers, and long-term care centers for scheduled concerts - always remaining available to add more dates and venues. The ISO seeks to partner with its community to provide musical experiences that reach out to those otherwise unavailable to attend a regular concert performance at the Irving Arts Center.

​Where words fail beyond a certain scope of emotional expression and direction, the aesthetics of music comes along to stimulate the mind and soothe the emotions that can help assuage the daily challenges of life.

​The Venues of the Healing Notes program provide outreach in the Community that brings the universal language of love by engaging in live performances to touch the soul.

THR Hubert

A spin off to Healing Notes is the venue of "Bats 'n Brass." The Bats 'n Brass program promotes the excitement of a baseball game with the musical sounds of brass instruments.


Spectators and players alike are afforded the opportunity to watch, listen, and participate to the musical sounds that will rev up the passion to play the game and cheer the players on. These unique baseball players are children with special needs.

Parents of special needs children are always seeking ways to expose their children to the "norms" that other children experience. This partnership with the YMCA fosters a relationship that supports the extra effort these families exude to bring the enjoyment of a competitive team sport experience to their child.

The ISO supports this team effort with bright brassy musical sounds that serve as a backdrop to warm-up workouts for the body, focus for the mind, passion for team morale and spectator cheers as "play ball" takes to the public parks and fields in the City of Irving!

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